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solids for 4 months Lock Rss

My daughter has been on solids for around 2 weeks, She loves her solids (rice cereal and apples so far)

She seems to be having quite a bit though?

When do you introduce a second meal? Is 4 1/2 months too young?
hi there

my bub is 4 & a bit mths and he has rice cereal with fruit in the morning(around 9am about 1hr after first bottle)
then will have 1/2 jar of vegies around 6-7pm
and he loves it and eats every bit. i think it depends on the baby,, when to start a 2nd meal.
try her and see if she likes it.
i have found the heinz pumpkin and sweetcorn is really good. i also mix a bit of rice cereal in with lukes 2 make it a bit thicker he loves it!!!
I started my son on solids at 4 months due to his reflux and had no problems (he is now 8 1/2 months old). His Paediatrician suggested it as he had been on medication for his reflux and it was preferable to start solids than continue with medication.

I started with the rice cereal as you have and later added some puree fruit to it for flavour (and farex can be known to constipate and the fruit helps with that). I didnt start a second feed until 5 months but every baby is different.

Just a warning though, a lot of people find out the hard way (I was warned so I was OK), that if babies are fed sweet stuff first it is extremely hard to 'convert them' to veges. After the cereal/fruit mix, I found that bland type veges were a great second meal (I cook and freeze my own) and then more interesting flavoured veges, only then I started giving him the sweet things like straight fruit, custards etc. My son eats ANYTHING now (he's a bit of a guts actually) and he's not fussy.

Hope this help, good luck and take care.

Kara, NSW

My little one is now 5 mths/1 wk and I started introducing solids around 4 mths - he was interested at first, just tried rice cereal with pureed apple/pear, he ate only teaspoon. Then tried on pumpkin, didnt mind this but then has not been really keen for last few weeks, has been teething too so probably not as much appetite (also smaller b/feeds!).

The last couple of days has been eating more, likes the Heinz apple not pear! Also likes the mixed sweet vegies, have made my own sweet potato and pumpkin puree, will have to be more motivated and make some and freeze it.

Will maybe try cauliflower or potato next.

Its fun?!!...good luck!

SA mum, Lis 17/6/00 and Harry 19/6/05

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