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Really want to hear from others who have babies that just won't eat anything. Its nice to know your not alone.
My daughter is 8 months old and has never really been a good eater, since day one feeding has been a drama. her weight gain has never been great (she is 7kg) and has only ever put on 100 gms a week, and is only putting on about 50gms now. So it is no supprise that I cant get her to eat soilids. I have tried every food under the sun from spoon, my fingers, Have tried finger food (all kinds) she might put a bit into her mouth one day but by the next day she has figured out what i am trying to do (well so it seems) and if this is not stressfull enough she is only drinking about 600-700mls of milk a day.. Anyone out there with the same problem? I would love to here from you, and any suggestions are welcome.

ps all doctors and CCN dont seem to want to help, they all tell me that she is fine. a very skinny fine..


I have heard alot of stories about babies not really interested in solids until they are 9 or 10 months then all of a sudden they click and take to solids like wildfire.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)


My problem isn't exactly the same, Chelsea will have her milk (formula) and will eat fruit but will not eat anything else, doesn't matter how hungry she is. I've only just started her on solids (she's now 6.5mths old) and instead of eating more she is eating less. She started refusing vegetables, and now will also refuse banana which she used to love! I think we are actually going backwards, pretty soon she will be back solely on milk!!

Is there anything at all besides milk that your little one enjoys?
Hi there,

My name is Nikky and my 6 month old daughter Jessica is an absolute feeding nightmare!! We started her on formula at 4 months as she wasn't gaining weight and I felt that my milk was running out because she would only feed for about 5 minutes on one side and 1 minute on the other! So hence to say, I was so releived when reading your story that I wasn't alone.

I know it is stressfull when your bub doesn't eat, but as another Mum pointed out, sometimes it is best just to accept that you have a fussy eater, and if all is well in other aspects, eg. sleeping, weeing, pooing, smiling, laughing etc, don't stress! I have had so many days where I have been so worried about her eating, and it doesn't help when every Tom, Dick and Harry says things like, "Oh, she is so small, tiny etc" (she only weighs 6.5 kg).

What helped me de-stress was over a four week period I wrote down everything she did, how many hours sleep she had, how much milk (eg. mils), hours between feeds..absolutely everything and I noticed a pattern with her feeds and daytime naps. She will always have 170 mils at 4am, anything from 50-100 mls during the day and her last bottle (dinner) 170 mls plus solids (fruit, vegies and yoghurt).

I also think the heat boters bubs. So try not to stress and accept that you have a fussy little eater - she may grow up to be a Food Taster! Good luck and take care.



Hi epigal,
My month old son has never drunk properly from birth either. He was only 1.4kg when born prematurely and it was then discovered that he had a hole in his heart. He underwent surgery for this when 13 weeks old and was successful. He has needed a nasogastric tube in for feeding since birth - initially because he was too little to feed himself, then too breathless because of the heart to feed himself, and since the operation just refuses to drink very much - a feeding adversion! He gets about 700mls of milk a day (about 600mls down the tube) and we attempt 3 solid feeds a day with varying success. He won't eat any vegies, only custard, yoghurt, rice cereal with fruit puree and some gels. Some days he opens his mouth for solids but often it feels like your fighting with him so I know how you feel. I've also found that either doctors/nurses don't seem particularly interested in helping, but feel that they just have no idea of how to overcome the problems we are experiencing.
Best of luck with your little girl. I think we just have to keep pushing on with it and try to keep our sanity along the way.

Leanne, SA

I would just like to reiterate a common response - DON'T STRESS!! But do continue to offer the three meals a day - and one day you may just be pleasantly surprised!!
This is going back some time ago - but my brothers who are 12 mths apart where absolute opposites. Mum had to take food away from one and struggle to feed the other. Once they started kindy it beacame the absolute opposite!!
(I don't think it would take that long for your little dear-but it is amazing how quickly they can change!)
All the best!
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