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Egg Lock Rss

How have others introduced egg to their babies diet?. My bubs is almost 10 months and was wondering how to do it. Do I give her the entire egg or just start on yolk first or white. Do I mix it with other foods or give it alone. Please help.

bubs born 28/1/05

Hi there i have twin girls born 30/01/05 2 months early but i still say there 10mths where the pediatrician says eight months corrected.My sister gave her 1 yr old egg for the first time scrambled on toast and he blew up and had to have a needle as it was a life threatening allergy so i asked the ped what he thought and he said wait til they're over 1.On saying that my friend gives her bubbs egg all of it and hes 5mths no allergy.Now with mine i haven't given them full on egg i'ved tried the heinz egg custard which has the yolk in it and they love it we have it often.They sometimes have a plain biscuit or sandwhiches which i'm sure some of this stuff has egg product in it so far we're fine but it is a worry.Also with peanuts my doctor reckons over 3 and i've two other children so i've always stuck with this.I think its the egg white which is the main worry.So perhaps try the baby egg custard first and go from there i mean i'm a kindy teacher and there is allergies to oranges,kiwifruit,watermelon,dairy and so on so i think we're all different and try little amounts first.I hope i've been of some help thanks Sherrie

sherrie 4 kids

HI there,

My daughter is 10 months and last week i hard boiled and egg and put 1/4 of a tspn of the yolk on her vegemite sandwhich and she was fine, so three days later i put 1/2 tspn again of the yolk in her sandwhich. and another 3 days later i will put 3/4 tsp and so on till she has had a whole teaspoon. Once she has had this i will try the white by just scrambling some eggs up and giving her a teaspoon full and gradly build up over time till she eats it all. This is what my health nurse said to do. I think its the white that they can be allergic to. make sure you or her dad has no allergies to eggs if so i would wait till their older.

Hope this helps
It is recommended to avoid the whites of the egg until bub is around 1 but I think it is 9 months or thereabouts that you can introduce a small bit of yoke into their diet.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

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