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Finger Foods Lock Rss

Hi There,

Does anyone have any ideas on what finger foods to start bubs on? My wee girl is 7 and a half months and I just want to try her. Not too keen on the toast ideas etc but maybe some soft foods. Anyone gone through this stage already and what did you try first? What age did you start?



Susannah NSW

Hi I started Jaz on finger foods in the last 3 weeks (she turned 9 months last week). I have given her carrot, pumpkin & potato sticks, asparagus, zucchini, broccoli & cauliflower pieces (all cooked until tender so she can easily chew & swallow them). Ive also given her pieces of cheese but shes not so keen on that yet.

You could try pieces of banana and other soft fruits. Well cooked pasta is also a good finger food. My son started finger foods at around the same age, but he started with toast, strangely enough it was the only thing he didn't gag on, I think because he sucked it more that anything and by the time he swallowed it, it was really mushy. He used to love toast with either vegemite or avocado spread on it.
my son is 8 months old and he loves mango I just cut it into little chunks for him and he really enjoys it. It can be a little slimey for him to pick up but he still manages to get it in his mouth. He also has milk arraroot biscuits sometimes they go really mushy. But the first thing he tried was vegemite toast. Just try a few different things

kylie,nsw,mum to William & Hannah

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