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Solids and trainer cups... Lock Rss

Kyra is just over 5 months old and I started her on solids about a month ago. She seemed to take to eating from a spoon quite well as before I introduced solids I kept pretend feeding her with a spoon. I know that at this age she is still getting her nutrients from her formula, but I worry that she isn't getting enough if I give her too much solids.

I started her off on the plain baby rice and then soon swapped to Farnex's Pear & Banana Baby Rice when I discovered she liked that better and she's now trying out various jars. At this stage I'm only giving her one solid feed a day and then she'll only have about half a jar before she loses interest and starts looking anywhere but in front so its harder for me to feed her.

I need to know what everyone else does so I can compare and have a better idea that what I'm currently doing it actually ok and I'm worrying over nothing.

She normally has a bottle around 7am, then another around 11am, then I offer her a jar of food around 1.30pm and she washes it down with a bit of a bottle, then another bottle around 5pm and then I give her her bath, bottle and bed routine anytime from 8.30pm onwards. She normally takes on board about 700-800mls of formula a day. Does this sound about right? The formula tins recommend 240mls per feed for 4-6 month olds, but I sometimes have difficulty getting 120mls down her.

Also, how do you train them to start using those trainer cups? I've offered her a drink in one and she just bites on the end bit. Any suggestions?

Tracy with Kyra born 9/6/05

I don't know any-thing about formula - no doubt stacks of other mummy's will help you out there.

With the trainer cups I would keep doing what your doing. Offer it to her regularly, particularly with solid feeds. My DD chewed and played with it for a couple of weeks then started to suck and now drinking water through it with solids (3 x per day).

A few friends have tried a different brand with success, it seems the spouts can be a bit different. That would be a last resort I would think as can be expensive.

Sounds like your doing a great job to me.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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