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I have started my 51/2 month old daughter on solids recently and now she is very fussy with her breastfeeds. She will only feed for a short time. She has farex for breakfast and a small amt of veges for lunch and dinner. She loves eating the solids and still has a very good breastfeed before bed. We think she is teething at the moment as well as she is waking a fair bit at night - or is this because she isn't drinking enough breastmilk???
Ahhhh all these unanswered questions!!! I am worried that my milk may dry up as she is not feeding as much. She will not drink formula from bottle either. Has anyone else had this problem??

sarah,qld,7yr boy, 4yr girl, 20mth girl,baby due d

My problems with my boy not drinking started around 3 months. It was very frustrating and the feeds were all over the place. He started what I call reverse cycle. He would have 2 hourly feeds all night and not drink during the day. It was difficult to change, and really didn't fix itself until solids. Even now though, he hardly drinks anything. It does seem to be quite common and there are a few of us commenting on this in other threads. So you are not alone. I started to express on the days when Matt drank very little and quickly had a stockpile of milk to last me for awhile when I weaned. Luckily for me, at 8 months, we are entering the transition from milk being the primary source of nutrition to solids being important. Only issue there is he doesn't like eating either!! The CHN recommended to me to start meat quite early at 6 months. It has lots of protein and iron which are great for baby's sleep. You might like to get some advice on this and see if this helps the sleeping through. I also started Matt on Yoghurt early to provide the extra dairy. Good luck and don't get too upset if she isn't drinking a great deal (easier said than done!)


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