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Help with solids please... Lock Rss


I have just started my 5 mth old on farex over the last few days and am unsure on when to feed it to him really.
This is his routine....
7am bottle
9-10am bed
11am bottle and farex
12-2pm bed
2.15pm bottle
4.30-5pm nap
6pm bottle
7-7.30pm bed
10pm bottle
Do you give them the baby rice straight after his feed (11am as I have been doing), or should u wait an 1/2 hr or so? Because he sleeps at midday I dont want to feed him too close to going to bed.
He is eating it, but just wondering whether I should be giving this at a separate time.
I dont want to upset his routine as it is working well for us.
Please help.......
if hes eating it he should be ok, babies dont eat when there not hungry, if you feed him solids at times that are convinent for you he will adapt that into his routine as a normal part of the day and just remember that if he doesnt want it he musnt be hungry so try again some other time.

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checkout the Heinz baby website because it has step by step guidelines that are great.
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