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What to Drink?? Lock Rss

My Jessica is 7 months old and it has been recommended she still should be drinking around 1000mls of formula a day. She rarely even gets near this and will not touch water. I was giving her a little diluted juice until the local Community centre told me it causes tooth rot. Is this true?
Is she having enough fluid? what else can i try during the harsh months of summer?

Jodie Gold Coast - Jessica born May 2005

My little girl is just over 6 months and only drinks about 500 -600mls a day we tried everything to get her to drink more including feeding her dream feeds, we have just started her on solids because she was loosing weight. She is pretty good at drinking water if i give it too her with her solids because they make her thirsty.
You can also make some water ice blocks to see if she will eat them its all fluids and if she is teething she probably wont want to eat as much but will love the cold water on her gummies...
I am not sure about the juice causing tooth rot but obviously if your cleaning her teeth every day - her not getting dehydrated to me would be more important .
Good luck.

Rayleen, QLD, 2yr old baby

Thanks guys for your reply i have made up some water ice blocks for those hot days and i tried her with it and she loves it!! Although alot ends up on the floor but i knwo she is at least getting more than what she did!
Thanks Heaps

Jodie Gold Coast - Jessica born May 2005

I had the same problem with my little monkey who is now 13mths old.
It's only since I introduced him to a straw cup about 2mths ago that he has eagerly taken to drinking water. Prior to this I would add extra water to his food or give as much as I could with a spoon (very time consuming-but made me feel better!). Sometimes I would dilute his milk a little more to, but he wasn't a huge milk drinker either so I didn't fancy doing it too often.
Perhaps you can give watermelon or other high fluid snacks throughout the day also to help the fluid intake.
Good luck and it will get better!
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