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When to stop bottle feeds? Lock Rss

My DS is 10 1/2 months and has recently refused his bottle at night before bed. His current routine is 200ml cows milk in bottle at wake up plus weetbix with milk for breakfast. Solids and water for lunch and tea and sometimes an afternoon snack. Tea is usually 6:30 with bottle at around 7:30 then bed. But he just doesn't want the bottle at night. I have been dream feeding it to him aroun 10:30pm because I don't want him waking up at some ridiculous hour of the morning.

When do you stop giving the bottle - at night especially (we have no trouble in the morning).

Any ideas would be great.
Thanks, Paula

he is probably still quite full from his dinner so u could try giving him dinner ealrier about 5.30 or 6. but if he doesnt want a bottle at niught and will go sleep without it i would suggest letting son is 2 and i cant get him to stop having a bottle to sleep at night
My son at 11 months had 2 cups of cows milk per day, but the one after dinner he often didn't finish. If it's only a drink, it doesn't really matter does it? As long as he's having enough calcium? Which he must be if you still feed him a dreamfeed. Anyway, check my previous posts, somewhere there is one titled "How much milk" FYI. It's got info re calcium from the nutritionalist on this website.

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Thanks. I figure too that if he doesn't want it and sleeps through without it, I should let it go. Occasionally he will have about 40 - 80ml of it then pushes the bottle away. I will keep trying but if he messes around with it too much, then we'll give it away.

In terms of calcium, he has his 200ml bottle when he wakes up plus milk on his cereal. He has fruit usually with custard for lunch plus a sandwich (sometimes with cheese). For tea he has his normal meal and I usually put a bit of cheese with it. Dessert is anything, but he's a big fan of ice cream, custard and yogurt, so I guess I shouldn't be too worried about not enough calcium!

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hi, have you tried giving him his bottle at about 4:30pm that way he still gets it but it's not to close to dinner. my DD is 22 months and still has morning and night bottle, some days she asks for her bottle at 4pm and other days it's 6pm. but that is what i would try and do.
good luck
Hi, I say if he doesn't want it dont give to dim. My first son is 2yrs 3mths and he relies on his bottle at sleep times, and I would LOVE to know how to stop that!!!!! As long as your son is eating plenty of other foods that contain calcium. I think they're supposed to have about 600mls of milk in a 24hr period.
Hi all,

Thanks for your input. Just to let you know, we've given up with the bedtime bottle. He was just swiping it away.

It's hard to know how he's coping without it as we've had a few rough days (more teeth on the way) but he's still sleeping through about 10 - 11 hours so we're all happy here.

Sorry I can't be of any help to suggest ways to stop the bottle at night - I didn't try to do it, my DS just decided he didn't want it. I must admit that it was one thing I wasn't sure how I was going to deal with, so I guess that it's one less thing I have to worry about.

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