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my 8 month old baby is not gaining weight?? Lock Rss

I am a new member to this forum and this is very exciting for me. I have a question regarding my baby's weight. He is 8 months old and weighs about 9kg, which is not bad. But he hasn't gain any weight since February which I found kind of odd. Ever since he had fever back in February (which lasted about 4-5 days), he hasn't gained any weight.

On the good side, he is a very happy baby, everything else seems normal...just not gaining weight.

Below is his daily routine:

5 bottles / day and each bottle is about 180ml. He takes his bottle at 10am, 2pm, 5pm, 9pm & midnight. He sleeps through the night until 9 ish the next morning.

I used to feed him about 60ml rice cereal at 2pm everyday. But then his intake of milk would decrease if he has solid. So I haven't been given him any solid for the past week and his milk intake is back to about 190ml per meal. My doctor recommanded me to delay introducing solid, he said I should just stick with milk and give him as much milk as possible until he is one year old.

As you can see, I am quite confused. Any kind of comment or feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you!
Hi there, this sounds similar to my little girl. She has always been a chubby baby but is very small. She is 10 months now is weighs just under 9kg. I know with my girl her weight gain was alot slower as she became more active. From about 7 1/2 months when she leart to crawl she stopped putting on as much especially as she doesn't stay still very often. Even now she is cruising around the furniture she is starting to lose her chubbiness much to my disappointment as she looks so cute chubby.

I don't know much about how many mls they are meant to have but my bub has 3 Breastfeeds & 3 solid meals a day.

Anyway it does sound quite normal.


Hi happyboy,

Geez, it sounds like such a tricky situation! It sounds like his milk intake is great. Milk should always be the main priority before 9 months of age with food 2nd and then after 9 months food then takes top priority over milk.

When solids are introduced babies will generally drink less bottles but the bottles that they do drink are usually bigger in size due them being spaced out further. My 7.5 month old DS now only drinks 4 bottles of 240mls each at the following times - 7am, 10.30am, 2.30pm and 7.00pm. He also has 3 meals a day.

At eight months he may need to eat solids(plus his milk of course) to gain further weight. I'd get a second opinion just in case.

Hi there.
9kg is a pretty good weight. My 8 month old son is 7.4kg! By 8 months they should be having 3 meals a day and they only need 3 milk feeds a day of 200mls. I only know all this because I just saw my child health nurse last week because my son is so fussy, all he wanted was breastfeeds and no solids! But I've finally got him taking solids and he's still having about 5 or 6 breastfeeds in a 24 hour period! Try increasing his solids, they need lots of calories at this age. Good luck.
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