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Whats your 6mth eating?? Rss

Hi Diane,

I was not a very happy mum to start with because I am suffering PND. I am on medication now so I feel "normal". Early days were really hard for me because I was really down and upset all the time. I was always in tears, this really put a strain on my marriage and my husband took a lot of time of work - luckily he has an understanding boss!!! It soon got better from there because I gained a lot of confidence as time went on and I am really loving every moment of it now. My boy is now nearly 7mths old - he was born on 03/09/03. My husband and I don't think we will be having any more children, but that's not our final decision.

I have responded to your email about your baby not sleeping when your out shopping.

If you want to email me directly, my email address is

Good luck. We seem to be going through some very similar experiences with our babies.


Mum to toddler

Hi Sue,

Thank you very much for that.


Mum to toddler

hi first time mum smile

I'm a third time mum, and my son is 6 months old, i don't know if what i feed my son is what the professionals would approve of but it works for us! He's been on solids for a month now and just eats what we eat. Tonight he even had chicken and apricot curry!! Of course i tend to water down or add breast milk to thin it out and make it not so overpowering if it is something that has a bit of spice in it. I don't know about you guys, but the the jars of food....ugh! The fruits and custard are fine but the beef&veg type ones are awful. Incidently, my oldest (now6 yrs old) was fed manufactured baby food as i thought it was the best thing to do - why else would they sell it? And she is now the pickiest eater i have ever come across, whereas with my second two, they ate what we ate and are brilliant eaters - will try anything! Also i usually feed them between milk times.

I think whats best is to try everything and just go with whatever baby likes best, they'll do all the deciding for you! Hope that helps!

I think I need to eat my words after saying feeding baby solids is easy!! Now my 6 and a half month old wont eat anything except Farex Rice Cereal. She was eating banana but now wont even eat that.
Oh well, I'll just keep trying.

Diane, you said your baby is unsettled when you go out. Mine used to be as well. Now, if I put her in the shopping trolley baby chair she loves it. And what she loves even more is when she is lying on her tummy in the pram. I can go out for hours like this. When she gets tired she just goes to sleep.
You need to have a pram that you can lie the base down flat and pull the material hood up so she can see out. It was the best thing we ever did.



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