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bottle feeding Rss

My name is Jeanette and have a son (Layton) he is 8 mths old he refuses the bottle he will suck through a straw i have tried many differen t teats nothing works. Should i be worried?
Is it important that i get him to take a bottle?
Hi Jeanette

I read in your other post that your son is breastfed. I've been told that most breastfed babies find sucking through a straw much easier than taking a bottle, as their sucking action is different to bottle fed babies. If it's working for you both keep going, there's no reason why he should have to have a bottle. Also if you want to keep breastfeeding, some babies get confused going between breast and bottle so he's probably better off using a straw.

Hope this helps
Im not to worried if he doesnt take the bottle his father would prefer that he was for when he starts looking after him during the day.I supose its because its what babies are spose to have (u c most babies with a bottle well every baby we have known seems to be suking away on a bottle and not a straw.) smile
Well thanks for your help.
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