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How Can I Get Him To Drink Water? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Just a quick topic to see if you can give me any tips on how to get my 8 month old son to drink water. He will only drink breastmilk at the moment but with the warmer weather coming in I would like him to drink water. Any tips?

Luckiest Mum In The World

I started giving Jazmyn teaspoons of water after every solid meal when she was between 5-6 months. Since then I have given her an Avent sippy cup with water after each meal & have had no problems with her drinking it. Now with the weather starting to warm up, I offer the sippy cup to her a few times between meals & she drinks if she is thirsty. I also alternate between giving her water & fruit juice made specially for babies.

I had lots of trouble getting Mitch to drink water, i used to drop it into his mouth when he was alittle baby with the dropper you get with panadol, as he got older he didn't like that, i use to give him a washer to play with and he sucked the water out of it, ifyou want to sterilise it put it in boiling water and give it to bubs when it is cooled down, good in summer too as it helps cool them down too!
when he started to move around(crawl and walk) i use to put a sipper attachment on the Avent bottle andsitit in where he was playing and he would pick it up himself and have a go cos i wasn't forcing him to do it!
Now he drinks out of a sipper that you just buy at Woolies!
It can be a long process and i use to stress that he wasn't getting enough, but any is better than nothingand if your son isbeing breastfed, he is getting a lot out of the milk, so don't stress if he only has a tiny bit, somtimes Mitch would only have 10mls everycouple of days, but better than none!
Hang in, he will come round eventualy!
And asmentioned int he other reply(sorry can't remember who it was), try the baby juice, i tried that as well, but he didn't like it(still doesn't like juice)!
Keep trying, it weill happen soon,

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe


I have heard that breastfed babies can often drink water out of a straw better than a cup/bottle so perhaps you could try that and see if he drinks it. I would also offer it at meal times after solids as they can often be thirsty after eating. My daughter would not drink water either but I just offered it repeatedly at meal times in a straw cup and she just loves it now.


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