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First Food Myths.... Lock Rss

Just a quick post on an article I read in the new "mother & baby" magazine I bought yesterday about starting solids.

American experts reckon alot of the "tips" parents are told are more myth than anything proven and rice cereal may not be the best food to start bubs on as it digest rapidly, raising blood sugar and insulin levels which may add to later health problems. Also safeguarding bubs by starting with bland foods to help prevent allergies may be pointless in families with no history of any.

I just thought this little article was so reassuring for me in what to feed Jeb. I know rice cereal has added iron in it which is essential for growing bubs but there are other foods out there high in iron for their little bodies (broccoli, as long as you don't cook it in the microwave as it kills all the iron content) I'm so sick of people telling what I should and shouldn't be doing. Jeb's a very big boy (4months and weighs 9.14kg) so I started him on solids (only every now and then when I remember or if he's "starving"lol) around 14 weeks (I think) as he wants more food but doesn't want anymore bottle (he has 5 x 200ml a day)
So to all the mums out there that have been made to feel guilty about what foods yours bubs have been fed and when you started etc....(or anything to do with your bubs in general) I reckon just go with your gut. Mum's know best but just make sure you use all your resources to get as much info as possible to make the right choice for you and your bubs. smile
hey thanks for that! I was told by the docotr to feed ash at 3 months! i was told rice crereal ONLY cause of the ositency, but alot of 4 month foods were the same. dylan is 14 weeks on saturday and we r slao oin to be strating him on solids! he is 7 kilo already at just 3 months!

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

Ohhhh - was thinking this was going to be a funny thread. I still laugh at my parents connig me to eat all my carrots so I could see in the dark - LOL.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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