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cooked plain pasta - what age? Lock Rss

I am wanting to try cooked pasta (no sauce) for my son but I am not sure what age this is good for? My son in 6.5 months with no teeth for chewing, but his gums are pretty tough,
appreciate any help

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

Hi Joe

I have a cookbook for babies and it introduces small pasta between the ages of 7 - 10 months. I have tried with my 7 month daughter and she loves it. I use the kids pasta that Vetta makes. I have not seen any other brands.

Also I found you need to cook it past 'al dente'. It is amazing what they can chew. My daughter has two little front teeth and watching her start to chew is great. It does not take them too long to master this.

Also, a rule of thumb that I have read is that if you can push it to the roof of your mouth with your tongue and squash the food then it is ok for bubs.

Hope this helps.

Natalie, NSW, DD 05/05, DD 08/06, DD 09/07 #4 Due

Sorry, just realised you are not Joe but Joe's mum.

Natalie, NSW, DD 05/05, DD 08/06, DD 09/07 #4 Due

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