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hi there
my boy has been on solids 4 bout a mth and he loves them. the problem i am havig is that he sticks his tongue out if the food is sweet( ie custard, fruit, gels) if it is vegies or rice cereal its not problem, no tongue at all!! it makes it really hard to get the food in.
so im not sure wat the problem is, weather its casue they r sweet??
has anyone wlse had this problem??
many thanks
Hi Jodi,
Yep, my bub is the same when she doesn't like something - and the food just falls right off the tongue! She hated all fruits when she started solids (almost 6 mths ago!) and only in the last 6 weeks she's decided she loves pear and banana, but she'll only eat it in chunks - hates it mashed. She also hates custard, weetbix and lots of other sweet things that bubs are meant to like. She will lap up any vegies and also loves yogurt for some reason. I just kept offering her the fruit regularly and different ones to see which she liked and then all of a sudden she went for it. I think your boy is just trying to tell you he doesn't like certain things, and there's no point forcing him. I'd just give him more of what he does like - bubs don't care much about eating the same stuff over and over - hehe!

Sherri, mum to Ella Bella Baby Bear ~ 21.01.05

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