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Hi all.
I am a new member here and i was wanting to ask you how to entice a 7 months old to eat her solids. I have a 3 year old aswell and it was so different with her. She opened and guzzled everything in sight, my new little munchkin is not an eater at all!! She is on 3 bottles of 250ml a day (nan ha 1 gold) and one spooned solid. A rusk or piece of toast here and there, nothing set. It is not what i am feeding her as she has been tried on home made vegies, fruits and even bought mixtures, she just hates the spoon. Rice cereal was a no go also when she was younger. She is not losing weight putting on well but she just fights me every step of the way.
Any suggestions welcome, thankyou in advance.
Don't know if I'll be much help. But one of my twin bubs is sometimes like this but only for a few days at a time. You mentioned a rusk or piece of toast here and there, if she handles that well, Anyway when my bubs like that I give her pieces of really soft stewed fruit or soft veg and she sucks on it and feeds herself. Loves holding it and eating what she wants then I follow with bottle. At least you know they're getting a bit of fruit and veg, getting used to new flavours. And you could keep trying spoon aswell.
I think it's a teething thing with my bub.
Like I said, don't know if that's any help.
Hi lewalsh,
My DS always eats better if I give him his own spoon to play with and leave a couple of things on his highchair tray (wooden spoon, measuring spoons etc) that he can play with and that I can easily wash afterwards smile

OMG!! Reading your post was like reading our problem. My daugther is exactly the same - age, behaviour etc etc. She will only take yoghurt and custard from a spoon. Even then she has to feel it first and smeered on her face to get the taste. Other than that it has to be finger food and I'm concerned about the quantity she does or in most cases doesnt get. She will only now eat her dinner with her older brother. Any earlier and the screams are deafening. She's eating/sucking roast potatoes & sweet potatoes, bread with avo or vegemite, watermelon, banana, ham and even sausages (without the skin - yuk) and boneless fish. I try every morning & night with the spoon to no avail. I did try tipping the dummy in the puree or mash and that worked for a couple of days. Probably not recommended by 'specialists'. I'll keep trying but honestly just figure she wants to be advanced and eat like her older brother. I'm trying to take a positive spin and think how self sufficient she will be soon. I'll watch for any other replies with interest. Regards.


Don't you love it when you find out you're not alone! My nearly seven month old son is the same. He will only eat yoghurt and fruit. He won't eat rice cereal in the morning and it's a battle with the vegies for dinner. I've decided that I will offer it and if he doesn't eat it I'm not stressing. He's still having 4 bottles a day so he's not missing out.
Hi KL,
I recently swapped my sons lunch and dinner around (now has vegies/meat for lunch and fruit & yogurt for dinner) as he's much happier eating his meat and veg at lunch for some bizzare reason!. I checked with my health nurse and she said this is fine to do, it might even be better as it gives him a more substantial meal at lunchtime for his energy.

you can get baby feeder type things from the chemist, kmart etc, where you put the fruit or whatever in a mesh type bag, and bubs sucks it out.
maybe worth a try??

For my fussy little one when she won't open up and say Ahhhh I take her solid food out of the freezer and just chop it into little chunks that she can manage and place a few at a time on her highchair. She gobbles them up like little fruit ice blocks,lol. It is great for when she is teething too as it also soothes her gums. Just another way to try to get some solids into your bubs.

My bub btw did not eat solids properly until age 9 months- before that it was a struggle to get anything except a breast into her mouth,lol.

Thankyou all so much for your replies and suggestions. Will be giving them a go.
She is getting a little better. Had the mesh bags going on and she lovess them but i was getting concerned about her mouth thinking there was something wrong as she wont advance to a larger dummy either. She is still on newborn size ones and the larger one she seemed to gag on.
Atleast now she is eating custard and fruit from a spoon.
I am making my own vegemite and cheese rusks and she loves them.
Hilarious about the little one trying to be like the bigger sibling as my older one wants to eat what the younger one is eating. Hmmm, fruit puree for a 3 year old?????
Ah, what can i say. Whatever works i guess!
She is teething tremendously too so i guess i cannot be too concerned. My older child teethed but they came through one after the other and it was easy. Either my little girl here is a drama queen with a low pain tolerance or my older has a high pain tolerance. LMAO! Kids, and how they differ. It never ceases to amaze me.
Thanks again.
Thanks Melissa, I will give it a try. Sometimes just a simple thing can make a difference.
is three bottles a day enough for a 7month old my baby is 6 months and has between 6-8 bottles a day and one to two solids a day.and milk is suposed to be the most important food
I have just taken my 7mth old son to the health nurse and she said at this stage food should be offered before bottles and they should be having breakie, morn tea, lunch, arvo tea, dinner. Bottles should be 3-4 per day approx 200-250mls each bottle. I don't do the morn or arvo tea but everything else is the same.
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