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food for 9 month olds? Lock Rss

My daughter is 9 months old and when I give her finger food to feed herself she chokes..she takes to much and doesnt chew it.She only has one tooth aswell.

I feel like if I always give her softer mashed foods I will be stunting her devolopment.I get quite paranoid when she has chunkier food that she will choke on it.

I know gagging is the norm but she has seriously choked and I think that is what is putting me off.

So can anyone give me ideas on what foods I can give her to feed her self that have minimal choking risk?

hi fliss05,
i have a nine month old girl too and she doesn't go much for solids. mainly she loves custard and fruit puree. kaitie chokes on lumpier food too so i just don't give them to her. although she will occasionally eat mushed spaghetti bol.
my partners little sister is 9 and her mum told me she didn't eat any solids until 10 months old. it's not going to stunt her at all.
and if it gives you peace of mind and your baby has a more enjoyable eating time i wouldn't stress about it.

Kimberlee, SA, 3.5y/o girl - hurler syndrome

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