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farex at 4 months Lock Rss

Hi! My DD is 4 months old and b/f. I gave her farex yesterday for the first time, i'd like to just keep her on farex for breakfast till she's 6 months and not give any more solids for other meals. Is it ok to be on just farex for 2 more months without introducing vegies etc?

Melissa, NSW, 14 month old bubs

Hi Lexies mum
I dont see why not, but bub's may get a little bored of it. Maybe just a little apple or pear down the track to vary the flavour a bit because I am not sure if you tasted it but to me its like eating paper! You could always check with your CHN but I dont think it would be a problem if your bubbie is happy.

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

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