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Refuses his veggies Lock Rss

Please Help.
My 5 month old started veggies last week, after a week of two rice cereal and fruit (mixed together) feeds a day. After four days of happily eating pumpkin he refused to eat it as well as any vegetable give to him since (we've tried potato and sweet potato plain and mixed in with the pupkin). I don't give him anything else if he won't eat it as I'd been told this creates a fussy eater, something I don't want.
I don't want to go back to two rice cereal feeds a day as it was making him constipated and unsettled at night.
I really wanted to get him established on veggies first before giving him fruit on its own, but he won't take them.
Any ideas I'll give a go.

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I may be wrong but he might be teething. At around 5 months my boys appetite was up and down and he would sometimes refuse his veg. It is a roller coaster ride with my boy and his veg. maybe give him his veg slighly colder than usual. I find it helps slightly with the whole teehting thing. If my boy wont eat his veg I give him yogurt(nestle vanilla) and he will eat it because it is cold. Yougurt is very good for them. Just persist and he will eat his veg.

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Thanks jz
I think he's teething as well, as he's gone back to having runny movements plus he's back to chewing on anything (including my shoulder). I haven't tried him on yoghurt, I've just been giving him fruit, fruit custard, frit cereal and rice cereal mixed with either of these. I'll give him a little while then try again. I've actually had people tell me to add some vegimite to his veggies to give it a differnt taste, so I may try this too.
He actually ate a little pumpkin tonight so thats a start but I followed it up with rc and pears as he wouldn't sleep that well during the night otherwise. I may have to go back to giving him new stuff at lunch so if he doesn't eat it I don't feel so bad not giving him something different, as that just breeds bad habits.

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Just want to let you know my son also just went thru this, and he had two teeth pop up in days. He is now back having two vege meals a day,

Maybe wait a few days and then try again,


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I'm also interested in the replies to this question. One day my bub will eat her vegies and meat no problem and the next she barely eats any of it at all. Its been like this for weeks. Quite happy to have yoghurt etc of course. I can see teeth under her gum line these last three days (haven't come up through yet), so will be interesting to see what happens.

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How old was your son when this happened?

I've tried a couple of times over the last few weeks and he's eaten the tiniest amount of pumpkin.
He also had alittle bit more when I mixed it with his fruit and rice cereal but only a couple of mouthfuls.

He eats heaps normally of fruit and rice cereal mixed together, when weighed last put on over 1kg in a month. Is now at about 50% for weight.

Was thinking of trying him again next week, as he's getting christened this weekend so he'll be out of sorts. Has anyone got some receipes other than whats listed on the website that I can try him on?


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Hi Kristy,

My son was 9 months, but bubs can teeth from 4 months!

Another idea i have seen work is tricking him into eating his veg. A friend gives her son one spoon of fruit then one of veg, it works well for her. You could start off with two spoons of fruit and then one veg, at least he might eat some.

Best of luck,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Thanks Tepe.
I tried doing 1/2 and 1/2 spoons with veg and his fruit which worked for a little while but he got smart after about 3 spoons. I think I'll wait until after his christening to try again. The way they tell you to introduce new foods you don't think you'll encounter any problems.
At least he loves his fruit, so he's not missing out. I've found that if I buy a big tin of fruit in natural juice , drain the juices and mash it up it works out a lot cheaper than buying baby fruit. Plus I can adjust the texture to his level, if I need extra liquid I add extra cooled boiled water

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I tried giving him 1/2 and 1/2 of fruit cereal and veggies the other night but he soon cottoned on to my plan.
He enjoys his fruit heaps. I've actually taken to buying tins of fruit in natural juices and mashing them up to his desire myself, adding cooled boiled water to make it smoother. This is a heck of a lot cheaper than buying tinned baby fruit, as he eats a whole one at a sitting.
I'm going to wait a bit until I try the veg again. Why don't they tell you about refusal to eat veg when introducing solids. I'd have been prepared.
A friend suggested to maybe add a little vegemite to give it a different flavour.
I was also trying one veg at a time. Would making a whole batch of different ones mixed in together help? eg broccolli, potato, pumpkin, sweetpotato, carrot, silverbeet (for iron), and any other anyone could suggest.

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Hi again,

I always mix up all my sons veges! I usually have 50/50 potato and pumpkin, then always add some greens, usually brocoli. I also put in some cheese, ricotta or tasty and vegemite, as you mentioned.

They never tell us the bad bits hey!



DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Tepe
I haven't tried it yet as we had to get over Liam's christening but I'll let you know how we go. I want to start it at Lunch time so if he doesn't eat it he won't be hungry overnight if I don't give him anything else.
I tried him on banana custard the other day and he won't eat it unless its mixed with other things, but it was very strong smelling, not sure about the taste I wasn't game to try.
Hopefully the veggies go ok. I think I'm just going to mix the altogether from the start rather than introduce them individually that can come later.
I'll let you know how he goes.

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Hi there,
Sorry I have no suggestions for the veggies problem but with regards to buying the tinned fruit and mashing it yourself coz it's cheaper...another idea is to buy the tinned pie fruit (usually on the very top shelf)...apples or apricots and sometimes other varieties. Pie apples / apricots are all natural with no added sugar and are already drained of the juices and quite mushy in consistency. My maternal/child health nurse suggested this.
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