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OMG males!! Lock Rss

I was at work last night and made something for my 6 month old ds to have for his dinner. But he was still hungry and my dp didn't know what to give to him so he gave him a chocolate donut.

I hit the roof, he said he scraped the chocolate off so he thought it would be alright.

Well is it??? Its not one of my food choices for him but he said that ds loved it.
At 6 mnths, the last thing your ds needs for dinner is a sugary, dairy, egg preservative filled yeast product. You were right to hit the roof. there is not one ounce of nutrition in that at all. of course ds would have loved it. who wouldn't?
Doesn't mean its good for a kid - let alone a baby whose gut is learning to digest simple foods let alone highly processed rubbish.

So yeah.... not a good food choice. I'm with you.
thanks, im thinking of not working because i don't want this to be the norm.
I understand. I do find it amazing what blokes think is ok!!
Dh is generally pretty good, but then he does stuff like put dirty dishes in a drawer in his computer room - so that it looks tidy...he then forgets about them and I find them weeks later. Bizzare.
I guess your partners opinion on food suitable for a baby is different to yours huh?
My only suggestions are - only have suitable food in the house for bubs and in turn I guess it means your diet is changed as well, or pop a list on the fridge with foods suitable for bubby in case he gets stuck and has to try and think of something. You know your partner better than anybody else and know whether he can be trusted to do the right thing....

Sorry your in a bit of a spot though.....

All the best!
Nah he works at a bakery at coles he gets the duds. So he sometimes brings them home.
He also has another job at a fruit and veg shop i wish he would bring them home sometimes would be so much cheaper. But anyhow im so hoping this night/ afternoon shift is a permanent fixture because im finding it really hard. I missed the most important time of the day yesterday bed time and tea time.
My DH is pretty good.. If they run out and i'm not there, he'll get some frozen stuff out of the freezer that i keep there for emergencies.. LOL.. either apple, or pumpkin and potato..

Donut would be one of the worst things to give your DS at that age..
Think about it this way. Would you rather your son be screamin hungry and ur partner shake him to make him be quiet?

my concern would be if it has egg in it because they say you shouldnt give egg to babies at all.

obviously it wasnt a good choice but maybe if you leave a list of healthy alternatives, next time he is in that situation he will know what to give your baby.
I can't help but chuckle at the whole thing. Although I'm pretty impress that your 6 mths old didn't have problem swallowing the dry donut. Mine would have gag and choked.

I'm sure Daddy has learnt his lesson. I hope.

And your son loved the donut. Oh dear! I can see this is going to be one of those talked about incident in years to come.
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