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No poos after solids? Lock Rss

i just started my baby on Farex 4 months + yesterday. She will be 6 months old in 9 days.
She LOVED it yesterday and i was suprised at how well she took to it. I gave it to her after her breastfeed at midday.
my concern is that she hasn't done a poo since then. She usually poo's at least 2-3 times in a 24 hour period and has never gone this long without doing a poo since she was a few day old.

I offered the Farex to her again today and she was not so keen but took a little but now im not sure if i should hold off on it for a while or if this is normal?
When I started DS on farex I found the same thing - he is formula fed so he usually only went once a day - sometimes once every two days. I guess their little bodies just have to get used to processing food that is a little different in consistency.
Since I introduced fruit and vegies DS now poos up to 3 times a day!
If you feel that not pooing is making her uncomfortable then perhaps you should back off the Farex, but if she seems okay and keeps eating it, just keep an eye on her!

Good luck - it can get really messy!

thanks for the advice.

while i've got you here to answer lol i have a couple of other questions.

after a few days on the farex, can i start introducing veges or should i stick with Farex for a while? (assuming she starts to poop again!)

and how long do you give them one meal a day before introducing more?

and when is the best time of day to feed them solids if they are only having them once a day?

sorry for all the questions i have no idea
Once DS had been having plain farex for about a week I started to mix in some vegies with it. Usually easy to digest stuff like carrot and sweet potato. I gradually just lessened the amout of farex it put into the vegies until he was eating pure vegies and fruit. DS still has wholegrain rice cereal with fruit for breakfast. You should probably just introduce one food at a time and let her have that for 3-4 days in case there is a reaction.

I started giving DS just dinner for about a week before I introduced breakfast. I left it at just breakfast and dinner for about a month I think before I gave him lunch too!

I always gave DS his solids at dinner time - thinking this may help fill him up a night and maybe he'd sleep longer, which I think he did! I have read however that maybe you should do breakfast or lunch because if they have a reaction to a food you may not pick it up quickly as bub will be sleeping!

Sorry I cant give you more advice. This is my first baby so Im sort of guessing too! It can be pretty scaring giving them new food. You wonder if they are able to eat certain things or if you're giving them something they shouldn't be having. I also worry that Im overfeeding him so I tend to only give him little amounts. My DS is only 6 months old now and has been on solids since about 4.5months. He loves it!

thanks you have been really helpful.

i was hoping giving her a meal at dinner would also help her sleep longer because she still waked 2-3 times a night for a feed but i have also heard that you shouldnt incase of reactions. i get once i know that she isn't going to react to something it would be okay.


Just when you have sussed out one stage, you enter another one. LOL

Solids are one of those things that you just have to do quite a bit of trial and error with. I agree with the pp that her body is probably adjusting to the new substance it is eating and just look out for a possible explosion when it does! Don't be surprised either if the poo is more solid and a different colour and smell than you are used to. Most of Alex's are still quite sweet smelling but he has had a couple of really adult smelling ones too.

You don't have to introduce Farex at all if you don't want. We started with Watties but he wasn't that keen, then tried just apple and he was happier. So now we mix the Watties with a fruit or veg. Up until last week Alex was only having one meal at lunchtime when we started introducing breakfast. He had his lunch everyday like he has been since he was 7 months and then he had breakfast on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday of last week.

I think it is recommended that you don't introduce a second meal for at least 7-10 days and then wait at least another 7 days to introduce the third meal. This is how we did it with DS1, but now that I think back on it, this put him off his milk quite a bit. I have been taking it slowly and steadily with Alex and don't plan on introducing that third meal until he is at least 9 months old. This seems to be working quite well and he is having as much milk as he ever was in addition to his solids. I offer a bf, then wait 30-60 minutes before offering his solids, he will then sometimes have another bf after for a "drink".


thanks christina.

well she eventually pooped and lets just say it wasn't a small one LOL

poor kid must have been building it up for me!

i am going to take it quite slow with introducing more meals because i dont want to jeopardise our breastfeeding. she is already a fussy feeder as it is and i dont want it to get worse!

i am going to try her with a vegetable next week when her daddy is home to see her try her first real food smile
Yeah they're poos do change. I found it seem to go in one end and comes out looking about the same. Sean's nearly 7 months and is now having 3 meals a day. We started him at about 4.5 months as he was watching us. Now I can't have a meal myself without sharing! LOL.

He has solids 30-60mins after a bf (still feeds the same) and I give him some water with the food as well from a sippy cup. The water might help digestion???

Both my DS had exactly the same problem when we starting introducing solids. I started giving them just a little bit of prune juice mixed with their morning farex and that kept them regular!
You might want to give her banana instead of veg for the next solid. The banana will get her to poo better. Its a good idea to slow down the solid. Her is still getting use to the digestion. Mine was the same when I started rice cereal at 5.5 mths. Didn't poo as much and was uncomfortable for him. Until I introduce banana. 1 - 2 times fruit became a must have everyday. It doesn't matter what other type of food I give him, he needs his daily fruits. He needs at least 1 banana size a day. Sometimes its a whole very ripe pear.

I was told by the CHN that bubs poo can go bit firmer or can take a while for them to poo, as the iron in the farex can cause this.
When I went home to NZ the other week for a holiday, my mum had gotten makayla some pear and banana flavoured farex! she loved it and she seems to poo almost normally with it. but I have only seen the plain farex here, I guess you could add something else to the farex.
I also make sure makayla has some water to sip through the day aswell (cool, boiled water)

good luck gasp)

(and I was also told, this age is more about introducing flavours and textures not so much to full them up completely--- but I reckon its still nice to know they have nice full bellies hehe)

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