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6 month routines? Lock Rss

My daughter was in a routine until she became sick with a cold, she is now on 3 solids a day and has changed to formula in the past 3 weeks. I am trying to stick to a routine again as much as possible.

I know that every child is different but I would like to know what other 6 month olds are eating/drinking, and when they are having them.
Thanks for the help.

sarah,qld,7yr boy, 4yr girl, 20mth girl,baby due d

Hi Sarah,

I have 6 1/2 month old. I have just started a new routine as it seemed like her day was finishing really early.

Now it is

Wakes between 5am - 6am - bottle and straight back to bed.

7.30 am - 8am - B'fast - baby cereal with fruit and if she seems hungry a yogurt.

Nap from around 10am - 11.30- 12.00

Lunch - Bottle and lunch - she loves cream corn and asparagus mashed, I have started giving her meat (mince, tin of Tomatos and cooked pasta mashed, it seemed a git gluggy for her at the moment so i added cream corn aswell)

2pm - 4pm sleep

Dinner around 4.30pm bath and bottle.

It is a bit over the place, It is a bit of a trial at the moment. I find she wakes at about 3pm and I do not know whether to give her a bottle or not as it is a bit early for dinner.

I will be interested in other peoples routine.

Edwina, 28 - Sydney. 16 month old girl

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