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Making fruit ice blocks Lock Rss

I would love some of your ideas for making frest fruit ice blocks for the summer months. I'm currently experimenting with pears, cooked, pureed then frozen in those ice block moulds. I'm making it up as I go along though - LOL.

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you could try cooking the fruit in a bit of water either in the microwave or on the stove and then strain thhe friut once it is cooked and keep the water and freeze that in the moulds. the would probably only work well with fruits that are juicy as the juice would come out of the fruit and thats what you would be freezing.
you could then use the fruit for food for bubs so nothing is getting wasted. i havent tried this as i only thought about it lst time i made my sons food and didnt have any iceblock mould things but have bought some since so am going to try it next time i need to make up more fruit.
i have also heard to cut a banana into pieces (rub with lemon juice so it doesnt go brown) and put a paddle pop stick into them and freeze them just like that apparently a big hit.

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