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Yummy food for your 61/2month old bub Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

Just interested to know what foods your 61/2month old bubbies are enjoying.

Would loves some great food ideas and ways in which to encourage my bub to enjoy food.
At the moment my DS does not like eating from a spoon so I now place his food onto a teething rusk which he luuuuuuves and he eats the food but I would like him to eat from a spoon.

Ds als has 4-5 bottles a day when do I cut down and offer a meal instead.At the moment I give him something to eat about 1hour after a bottle.When is the best time???

Thanx heaps.


Mumma 2 Jett 17months

My son is 7 months old and he has been eating solids since he was 11 weeks. We had to put him on solids because he was drinking 2 full bottles per feed and it just got too expensive!! At first he didn't like eating from a spoon, so I had to put right on the back of his tongue and kind of tip it down his throat. Apparently it takes a while for them to have enough tongue control to swallow it and that's why they push it back out. I just kept at it and now he eats ANYTHING!! I found that steaming veggies and then pureeing them was the easiest. I just froze them in ice cube trays to portion them. That way you can make different combinations. I did the same with fruit. I also froze portions of plain rice cerial to thicken the mix up a bit, and to add extra iron to his meals. Now he eats pretty much the same as we do, so I don't need to worry about it too much. There is also a Women's Weekly cookbook for babies and toddlers, and I have found it really handy for new ideas and recipes. If I was you, I would give him meals at the same time you would( ie brekky, lunch, dinner) and let him have the extra bottles if he wants them. I give my son his meal and then a bottle. I found he cut himself down when it came to bottles, he just didn't want the extra ones. GOOD LUCK!!!

Jude, 24, Mum of Brion (d.o.b 30/5/05), Perth

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