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Egg allergy Lock Rss

My 1yr dd has an anaphylactic reaction to eggs. She also has significant allergies to soy, peanut & bananas. Any ideas on what i can feed her for something different especially for between meals. She eats mostly stewed fruit & meat & veg all made at home. I just want to put something extra into her diet. Ta

Lisa,NSW, mum of 3

Hi Elissa's Mum

My 18mth DD is also anaphylactic to eggs & peanuts. They say a child should grow out of the egg allergy by the time they go to school. My DD is tolerating egg but I haven't given her a whole egg yet. For snacks, she loves the corn thins with either vegemite or cream cheese. The rice crackers are also a big hit and something we've just started eating. I make my own yogurt and add different flavours of fruit for variety.

Good luck with it all.
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