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Refusing Milk. Helpppppp! Lock Rss

Hi all, my sweet lil 4 mth old woke up 3am one morning and vomited, then again at 3:30 am.

Rang plunket and they suggested take her to the doc, which I did and he suggested either a stomach bug or maybe a viral infection, which I took no notice of, as she has been BF and I just knew it wasn't either of those things.

Anyway that was a 2 nights ago and since then she has been having really bizzare drinking and sleeping patterens. She won't have more than 100mls at a tome of either EBM or formula, won't have water and is wanting to drink every 3 hours.

She used to have 200mls every 4 hours.

Now she is awake for 1 and a half hours and sleeps for 1 hour. She used to be up for up to 2 hours and sleep in morning for up to 2 hours and afternoon up to 4 hours and vice versa.

She is grizzly and really hard to comfort.

I am wondering what is going on because there appears to be nothing wrong, no temp, bowels motions normal as is wee.

I started her on Farex yesterday but that hasn't changed anything.

I am wondering if she may be teething???

Please help, I want my happy, hungry girl back sad

Carrie and Indigo:)
Hi I posted a similarquestion in the breast and bottle feeding section. Chantelle would only want 100 mls where she used to have 170 -200mls. Her sleeping did change a little but I tried to get her to resettle and made her wait till her usual feed time in the hopes that she would then drink more. She did this for about a week and then as suddenly as it started it stopped, she now has 160-200mls a feed. I can't offer you much advice the only thing I did was try and encourage her to have more at each feed- I tried to not let her push the teat out of her mouth and she usually drank 30 or 40 mls more. I also tried feeding her with the TV on as distraction -sometimes it worked.
Also you could try offering the rest after 1/2hr or just b4 bed to see if she will have anymore.. Ididn't want to give her any just b4 bed as I didn't want her making that a habit.
Anyway goodluck and I hope she goes back to normal soon.
P.S no more vomiting?

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