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Cows Milk Lock Rss

Hi Girls just wondering when you started your little ones on cows milk and how did they take to it.

Hi moniquesmum

I will give you a link to another similar thread - but just in case you are not aware, the recommended time for cow's milk introduction is 12 months ... and of course not all babies are ready for it then, and some do react to it, so this is only a guide.

To read the other thread <a href=" HERE</a>.

And another thing I posted not so long ago, was a quote from the Australian National Infant Feeding Guidelines ...

"Cow’s milk is not recommended for infants younger than 12 months of age for a number of reasons:

• It is a poor source of iron and the iron it does contain is poorly absorbed. Introducing cow’s milk before 12 months of age predisposes an infant to iron deficiency at an age when their iron stores become depleted.

• The composition of cow’s milk is not ideal for infants. Compared with breastmilk and infant formula, cow’s milk contains higher levels of protein, sodium, potassium, phosphorous and calcium and lower levels of iron, vitamin C and linoleic acid, adding to the difficulty of providing a balanced diet for older infants.

• The high phosphorous and calcium content of cow’s milk may decrease the bioavailability of iron from other dietary sources such as infant cereals.

• The higher levels of protein, sodium and potassium in cow’s milk have been associated with an increase in renal solute load in infants fed cow’s milk.

• Feeding with cow’s milk has been shown to lead to increased gastrointestinal tract blood loss in a large proportion of normal infants, exacerbating the problem of iron deficiency. The problem can be severe enough to result in unnecessary surgery. ...

• Early introduction of cow’s milk may be associated with increased rates of subsequent adult disease such as type 2 diabetes."

"SMALL amounts of COW'S MILK in foods such as yoghurt, cheese and custards that are prepared for the rest of the family can, however, be given AFTER about 9 MONTHS."


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