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Feeding Solids on a Daily Basis...? Lock Rss

Hi all
My little man just turned 5 months and his body seems to going "backwards". We've been experimenting with solids now for over a month and in the beginning he was fine with it all, never had a problem, ate really well and loves it. Over the past week or 2 he has been having problems with pooing, sometimes going 2 days without doing one (he's usually like clock work, one a day in the morning) and the first part is pretty firm. It upset him a fair bit and even buggers his sleeps a bit.
I have tired him on homemade potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, banana, and jars of pear & banana, apple,banana&berries, apricot & apple and rice cereal. I know he seems to have a problem with apple (I figured that one out myself) but even now it doesn't matter what I give him it all does the same. I try and give him water and he has 5x200ml bottles a day.
I don't always give him solids on a daily basis. Could this be one of the problems? He never had this problem when we first started. Also, I'm pretty sure he's teething at the moment, could this be part of it to? I haven't given him any solids for about 5 days now and in the past 2-3 days he's done about 6-7 poos that are normal which is very unusual (the number, that is). Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas? Please help. sad
I started feeding Chelsea solids in the morning and at night, when she turned 4 months old. It's important that you do feed them on a daily basis, otherwise it will mess their system up. Some foods, such as pumpkin, keep them regular, as I was feeding that to Chelsea for a few nights for tea, and then the next night, I gave her something different, and she didnt do a poo for 2 days. Some foods, like the ones you buy in jars or tina, can bugger up their systems, because of what they put in them, so if you make the food yourself, and feed your baby 2 or 3 times a day, every day, he should be fine.

Eloise, SA, mum to 5 month old Chelsea

I do know that bananas can block up the system. As i have had that problem with my daughter.
KR is not eating any vegies or any meat, unless it is chicken nuggets ,spag bog. But she will eat any fruit u put in front of her. KR is getting her 1st year molars. I know im not much help

sera, qld , 16 mth girl

DD got badly constipated when I first started rice cereal at 6 months. I kept feed it once a day until we reached 6 days without a poo. Our GP, CHN, friends and some books said they can go upto 10 days without a crap. I wasn't comforatable with that so took her off solids for a couple of days after a good dose of puree'd cooked prunes.

I restarted a couple of days after her HUGE poo's (LOL) but went to pear (no rice). She didn't get clogged up on that so I gradually re-introduced the rice cereal. I made pear a standard part of DD's diet and it still is. Within two weeks I was giving her 3 meals a day.

I stayed away from the known constipators like banana and apple, although opinions on that seem to vary. Like you, I offered DD water with each solids meal although it took her till about 7 months before she was drinking it from her sippy cup properly.

I was really slow in introducing new foods to DD although she loved to eat it, even lumpy stuff. I wanted to make sure both our diets were balanced so she would poo regularly. DD seems to vary between doing 2 a day, to one every two days.

In those early months it definatly interupted every-thing with DD, including sleep. I assumed it was a big change to her digestive system suddenly having different food to work on. The change from those typical baby poo's (splattered pumpkin soup) to the solid poos (peanut butter, some-times even crunchy - LOL) was really rough on all of us.

I don't know if this is of any help to you. I do agree with the other mums, maybe try solids on a daily basis around the same time each day. Maybe you could strip it back to some-thing simple like rice cereal and pear to start with. You may be able to isolate exactly what might be causing your bub some grief and keep away from it for a few months.

Best of luck Kel.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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