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okay, whats the verdict on tomatoes / milk? Lock Rss

Hi everyone

I was under the impression that we should avoid cooking with tomatoes until our babies are 1 year old, however numerous cooking books and recipies from other sites say that you can offer 8-10month old babies tomatoes in both raw and cooked forms. does anyone have the low down here?

And what's the story with milk? i found some great recipes for cous cous, porridge, .... and all suggest using milk (it doesn't say breastmilk, formula,...) just milk, so i'm assuming cow milk. Is that okay to offer to my 8month old when used in cooking??

I'm feeling very confused
thanks everyone

Susan, Sydney, 12/4/05 baby

I dont know about the tomatoe thing i have never heard that you cannot give them til 1 year. you can use cows milk in cooking from 6 months but are not meant to give it as drink until 1 year. hope i have helped.

Sarah and Kai almost 1year 6 teeth and walking

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