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When did the reccommendations change? Lock Rss

I know it "used" to be 4 months and "now" it's 6 months for starting solids but does any know when the rules changed. I am guessing only recently as the legeslation for the labelling hasn't changed yet and alot of foods still say "from 4 months".
And is it 24weeks or 6 Calendar months?
Can't really answer your questions, but i think the 4 month old foods are around for the people who start earlier than 6 months, it's only the recommended age, so they have to supply a food for thosewho start earlier than this recommended age i assume! I spose they need to have a food available for those who do it earlier wothout babies having foods that they can't digest easily!
It actually used to be 12 months recommendedfor solids years ago when our parents were babies i thin, may even be longer, i don't even know if it's ever been 4 months, but i may be wrong and probably am actually, but i just assume they have to have a range available!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe


All I can say is it was within the past 2 years as with my first daughter it was 4 mths (she is now 2 1/2). I'm sure they market the food as suitable for 4mths plus as plenty of people still give solids at 4 mths.

My mum started giving me Farex at 6 weeks on the recommendation of her CHN as I was not putting on much weight - so things/advice varies a lot over the years!

Michelle,SA,DD1 4 yo, DD2 9/8/05

I was told by my community nurse not start my daughter on solids until 6 months because at 6 months the risk of allergies is less and that at 6 months the nutrients in milk can no longer meet a babies needs - In saying that I started her on farex anyway, (you should try and eat lunch or dinner with a baby thats very inquisitive in what everyone is doing at the dinner table) I gradually added pureed apple until she like that and changed the fruit to give her a a bit of variety she is now 6 months she doesn't YET have any allergies and eats practically everything except for banana (not sure what is is with banana but I am not a fan of it either). I think it is up to you to decide and take it slowly you will know if your baby is ready or not, if she/he is spitting it back at you then I would wait a bit longer but if she/he is moving it around their mouth and getting the feel for it then I would continue from there. I hope this helps

Kristy NSW Mum to Aneika 22/6/05 and Perry 02/04/

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