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  5. my 9 month old won't hold his bottle...

my 9 month old won't hold his bottle... Lock Rss

help,my 9 mnth old son won't hold his bottle...
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sorry i don't have any suggestions, but am here to say that mine won't either. It was ironic to read this post, as i tried again today, but no chance. I really think he likes the snuggle time, as the rest of the time he wants to be on the move. My son is 9.5 months, but my daughter never did either. She was taken off the bottle at 12 months as she was not interested in milk.

Just letting you know you are not the only one,


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Hi. I had to put my daughter on the bottle at 5mths.
I held it for her for a while and then she was putting her hands on it. I had to make sure she didn't pull down on it as it would stop the milk flow.
I then bought her some handles. We have the AVENT bottles. She can hold it herself now. She is 7mths old. I still have to watch her as she now likes to wave it around and the milk spills out! Just keep trying!
hi well my daughter is 11mths old and she wont hold her bottle either she will drink her juice out of a cup but i always have to hold the bottle when feeding her i think once she has holded it for about 1 min so i know she can hold it just interested in holding it herself.
Hello Everyone my son was the same he was well over 12months before he would do it. I tried everything even taking his hands and making him hold it (in a nice way) to show him he could do it himself. He would sometimes take it and other times he would just let go. I also tried a small pillow to prop it up but that too was not very sucessful. He just did it in the end. However if I give him a bottle now and feed him myself he will not take it from me and he is 21 months. But the strange thing is he will use a cup all by himself with no problems and gets angry if you intervene. I too think it is a cuddle time thing he enjoys.
My daughter is 14 months and has only started holding her bottle but only if I put her hands on it for her but if I touch it she will let it go again, but then sometimes she will take it to her little couch and sit ther quite happily and feed herself. I think she just does what she wants, when she wants. Your son will hold his bottle when HE is ready.

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Hi, Ezrah is nearly nine months and he won't hold his bottle either. He can do it but if I give it to him he just plays with it and bangs it on the floor or whatever there is to be banged on! He is keen to hold his cup though - and anyone elses. I'm still breastfeeding so it's only his water & juice that he really has in a bottle. Don't worry too much - I think they all just like mum to do things for them.
my son is 9 months old and he will hold the bottle himself to some extent. he only has his bottle when going to bed and I just hold it in front of him and he reaches out for it and holds it in his mouth himself, sometimes I have to place something under the bottle to prop ot up a little but he is getting there.
My daughter is 9.5months and wont hold her bottle either. She will when she's drinking water, but not milk... i honestly must say i dont mind though, she only has 3 bottles a day and its pretty much the only time i can get cuddles from her at the moment, she's much to busy exploring and getting into absolutely everything, I figure 10 minutes cuddled on mummies lap having a bottle is kinda nice.


Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

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