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What to feed a 7 month old? Lock Rss

My baby (Brooke) is 7 months old and started solids at about 6 months and has had carrot, potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, apple and of course started out on rice cereal.

She is starting to eat more and I would like to introduce 3 meals a day but i don't know what to give her for breakfast, lunch and tea.

I suppose Fruit for lunch and veggies for tea?

Can someone plz tell me what is your 7 month old eating and how much of it and what times during the day do they eat their breaky, lunch and tea?

And once on 3 meals a day amd 3 bottles when do i give her the bottle, do i give it about an hour after her breaky?

Helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.
I give DD a breast feed when she wakes up. About an hour later she will have breakfast which is usually fruit.

She will have a morning nap - usually 2 hours. When she wakes, another breast feed. Again, about an hour after she has lunch which is usually yoghurt with some fruit mixed in.

She will have an afternoon nap - usually 2 hours. When she wakes she has a breast feed. She has dinner about two hours after being up. I give her meat, veggies and rice cereal for dinner. I give her cereal at night to keep her belly full so she sleeps better (suppose to help - LOL). She has a play for half an hour, a bath then a big breast feed before bed.

During the day I usually give her some finger foods, kind of a snack, a bit of fun and also teaching her. It might be a big of chicken, ham, watermelon, rusk, or an ice block.

I'm a little limited until next month due to potential food sensitivities as you will see from other mums, there is so much more you can give your baby.

I'm not sure if that helps. I will say there is no set method so experiment until you find some-thing that suits your baby and your routine. Best of luck !

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi mum2brooke!

I think our bubs are born on the same day! I'm not too sure but there was a mum online that had a bub on the 13th May. Anyway, this is what I give Brayden!

Breakfast - Farex cereal mixed with water and pureed fruit - usually apple or pear but am branching out soon!

Lunch - Custard - he loves custard (at the beg, it was the only thing he didn't spit out) interesting because custard was the only thing I craved when I was pregnant!!! Anyway, we do a variety from apple custard, banana custard, vanilla custard & fruit custard. I find that if he has not done a poo yet that morning, I like to give him banana custard! It does work!!!

Dinner - Meat & Veges - he has it from a tin still pureed or smooth beef & veges, chicken & veges etc. I'm not much of a cook but my DH is and so he has homemade pumpkin & sweetcorn which we give him regularly too for dinner. We tried lumpy foods but he would gag and spewl up so I have had to intro that slowly.

Anyway, that's our solids routine... no fuss and easy to follow. I love routine (its the teacher in me!!) and so we have had this one for nearly 4 weeks... and it's going great!!!

Bye for now.

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