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When can you feed your baby apple, watermelon, orange etc slices?

I ask this because I want to keep my baby healthy.

Also, when can they have like potato chips (not the bagged stuff) but like fries etc?


Hi RMak. My son started having slices around 7 mths of soft stuff like watermelon, madarin, banana, avocado. For the harder stuff like apple and pear I grate it skin and all and DS loves it! He is almost 10mths. Hope that helps smile

You can try slices of softer fruits but be very careful as your baby might break off more than he can handle.

Harder fruits like apple should be either cooked or grated until they are alot older (with alot of teeth so can chew it properly) - along with things like raw carrot, they are a choking hazzard.

With the chips, that's up to you but I wouldnt feed a baby hot chips bought from a takeaway as they are high in salt and fat. If you made them yourself by oven baking them then that would probably be ok.
Hi Rmak,
A lot of choking episodes come from giving raw carrot, apple and pear so if you want to give these hard fruits & veg it's a good idea to steam them first or grate them like others have said. Another thing to keep in mind is acidic fruit can sometimes cause stomach upsets or nappy rashes so keep them in moderation. Other things to offer as healthy finger foods include cheese slices, cruskits, cooked pasta spirals and fruit slices.
Not too sure about the potato chip thing. I've given my DS a taste of a home made potato chip and he didn't really like it but it's probably not a food you want to give all the time because it's high in fat without a lot of nutrients.

Thanks so much for helping me out everybody.
He is my first child and I am clueless.
You are all lifesavers.


hi R.MAK
I think they say not to give ctirus till after 8 months.
If you are worried that bub is going to choke get some muslin cloth or cheese cloth cut the food up alittle and tie it up so fruit cant get out.(i used a ribbon) Or you can buy a little net with a handle on it to put fruit and vege in it,Try frozen grapes for teething too. they sell this at most supermarkets, big w, kmart. In the baby area.
As for the chips i give my bub a hot chip to chew on while we are having dinner shes 6 1/2 months.
Hope this helps

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