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How to encourage chewing? Lock Rss

Im not sure if its possible or not but Im not sure on how to get my dd to eat thicker solids she is 9 months and only really has just started to enjoy solids, but she wont have a bar of anything slightly lumpy. If there is anything lumpy she usually will gag on it and refuse to eat it.

I give her finger foods to suck on which she also scrapes her teeth along but if she gets a bit in her mouth she doesnt know what to do with it (unsure on how to swallow it)
I have also started to give her cruskits to help, as they disolve so it will make it easier for her.

But im just unsure on how to encourage her to have anything that she has to chew.

Sorry if this doesn't make sense - I will blame pregnancy brain and lack of sleep smile

My daughter was not a chewer. She's 4 yrs old now and she eats really slow and still gags! She's been a non-chewer since she was born. On the other side of the spectrum my son who is 10mth 4 weeks old is a chewer. He can chomp down tiny pieces of meat and lumpy veges since 9mths. While my daughter at this age was still eating mushed up and all meat have to be sifted through. She kept gagging when food is lumpy. I found it impossible to get her to chew and swallow better.
She will chew when she is ready. By eating with her she can watch you and eventually she will start to copy. My dd did not chew until she was 11.5 months old. Coincidently the same time that she became interested in solids...
She probably just isn't ready, Blake would gag on everything we gave him that he had to chew and the paed finally found that his chew and swallow reflex wasn't developed yet, it didn't happen until he was about 14 months old and even now at 21 months he still has to have really small bits of food
Thanks girls you have given me reassurance that it is normal.

The past few mornings she has been watching me eat my toast and been intrested in it - so I give her a bit which she is copying me.

I was just a bit worried as my nephew who is the same age (I know I shouldnt compare hehe) has been chomping on things since he was 6 months.

Alyssa will get there when it's right for her.
My daughter was similar, but then one day I caught her jaw making the chewing motion and in time she got better and better. What worked for me was usingsome very 'well boiled' soft vegies (or fruit) sweet potatoe, butternut, carrot in lots of vegie/meat/fruit puree. Then as time passes up the quantity of mash to puree.
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