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Reaction to Foods Lock Rss

Silly questions:-

Currently feeding Farex (Pear & Banana) at Lunch time only a few teaspoons.

1) Just wondering what sort of reaction I am looking for once I start on solids??

2) How many teaspoons should I be aiming for and when should I start the next introduction of food - I was going to try potato for afternoon or should I do this later???

Thank you for your help, just mastered the bottle feeding now the next hurdle... SOLIDS

Isabela 4 1/2 mths

Isabela, 18.08.2005

there are all sorts of reaction babies can have to foods some minor ones are things like rashes or hives, major reactions are things that you would notice and usually happen quite soon after having the food such as swelling of the face trouble breathing things like that.
potato should be fine to try any root vegetables should be fine to try as root vegs are very low reactive (very rare for people to have allergic reaction to)

Sarah and Kai almost 1year 6 teeth and walking

farex is excellent stuff my bubs loves it and when mixing fruit or veges you should only start with one and keep using it for 5 days min.

Typical Reactions

Irratable behaviour, Loose stools, Constipation and dry skin.

Allergic Reactions

Generalised hives, Swelling, Breathing difficulty, Profuse vomiting and collapse

After you see your baby isn't having any allergic reations after she's had the food 5 to 10 times then introduce another solid food but you can continue using everything else she has already been eating.

Introduce a new food of about 1 or 2 teaspoons on the 1st day and the second maybe 2 tablespoons, it's important to start off with only teaspoons and increase them incase she's allergic.

it's important to start small.

You are aiming for 4 to 5 tablespoons at 1 meal. But some babies eat less or more.

hope I helped.
I don't think I saw this mentioned so will add to your thread out of interest. DD has suspected food sensitivity as she was getting quite bad tummy cramps. Similar to that what you might have experienced with colic - if your bub got it when they were a new born that is. I didn't think it was related to solids, but apparently its quite a common indicator. DD took to all foods well and had no other signs such as hives, rashes (etc) so I wasn't really any the wiser (it didn't click at the time).

My suggestion is to take it easy, keep within the recommended food for your babies age. I know the recommendation vary, but I would keep to what ever you have been given. Thats just from my experience as things I fed DD earlier, reacted, but now she is older and I'm reintroducing - she is doing just fine. I gather her little 'guts' are still developing so may take a bit longer than other babies to adjust to the harder to digest foods.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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