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Avocado Lock Rss

I have noticed Avocado mentioned in a few earlier posts, but do you think I can find them when I need them?!!

What age is it ok to give? Does it keep in the fridge ok? Can it be frozen without going yucky and brown? Do you mix it with something else? Obvious questions to some probably!

Im not sure what age you are meant to give it but i started giving it at 5 months, it keeps in the fridge alright althogh i ahve never tried to freeze it. you caould mix it with something if you wanted to but i gave it on its own a friend of mine mixes with banana and her bubs loves it and so does she sound gross i think but each to their own.
i shop at foodlamd and they always have them on special on wednesdays atleast half price coz they are a couple of day old, but this is when they are best for bubs as they are already mushy and you dont have mash them or anything good for going out just cut them open and feed bubs. i dont know what days other supermarkets have them on special.

Sarah and Kai almost 1year 6 teeth and walking

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