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Lunch ideas Lock Rss

I have a happy little 7.5 month old who loves his food. For breakfast he loves weetbix mixed with boiled water and fruit puree (vary through week), dinner is meat with vege (vary through week) and for lunch I have been giving him yoghurt or custard. He is slowly getting used to toast fingers but I have been using these to finish his evening meal. Does anyone have any suggestions about what else they offer at lunch, as well as some other finger food ideas?
My other question is about jar food and food allergies, has anybody had any problems? With my first son I made all home made food, this time around I am finding it hard to get the time and am settling for jars half the time. I am sure it will change as he gets older and he eats more of what we are. At the moment because of the hot weather we seem to be having a lot of salads and bbq meat. Does anybody else feel guilty about using jars?

Jodie, mum to Jonesy & Logie Bear

Hi there, my son is 7 months old and also loves his food. His meals seem to be very similar to your sons though my little boy is mostly fed from jars. I did feel a bit guilty about this and sometimes feel embarrassed telling other Mum's, but at least he is having a variety of food and is getting the nutrients he needs. We start our day with weetbix, baby muesli or cereal. Lunch is yoghurts, custards, pureed fruit or gels, and sometimes a tin of meat and veg. Dinner is meat and veg. If we're eating something that's suitable for him to eat I'll mash or wizz it up. I have tried some finger foods in between meals but none of it actually gets eaten. Things I've tried include rusks, milk arrowroot biscuits, cruskets,cheesesticks, bananas, watermelon,toast,slices of chicken, avocado and cooked pasta shells. Once he gets the hang of eating these I might try and get more adventurous. I really want to make sure he doesn't turn into a fussy eater like my 5 year old. She never ate tinned food, all homemade and hardly eats anything now. Good luck with your little ones!


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