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Hey all i have a 9.5moth old bub who has been on solids since he was 4.5 months old, but he just never seems to stop feeding. for breakfast he has 1.5 weetbix and 1/2 bannana or some of my toast.
lunch a peice of bread, tub of yogart, and manderine or apple
dinner about 1.2 of what i might eat depening on what we are having?
people keep sayong he eats so much or he eats more than what i eat and it is starting to get me down am i feeding him too much.
he is also having 4-5 breast feeds a day but not sleeping through the night still either.
any help would be appreachited
Hey Taz,
My DS is the same age and also been on solids since 4.5 months as well. He eats 1 weetbix with milk and one piece of toast with vegemite for brekky, 5tbsp of fruit and a tub of yogurt for lunch and 5tbsp of veg/meat and 3tbsp of rice pudding. Plus he also usually eats one cruskit and a strawberry for snacks during the day.
It sounds like he's enjoying his food and still getting his milk too so I don't think there's anything wrong there. Some babies are more interested in food earlier than others and I've read that around 9 months is when a lot of babies take more interest in solids as they start to make the transition towards food becoming the main part of their diet.

hi ya. it sounds fine to me! i believe its best to go with baby - they will refuse food if they are full! everyones babies are different and please try not to let other peoples thoughtless comments get you down. You know your baby! you sound like a great mum - good luck! wink


Its surprising how much a little person can eat but they are growing so rapidly that they can really eat quite a bit for someone so small.

If his height and weight are in proportion then dont worry.
My dd is just the same... She eats soo much!! She seems to eat a similar amount to your ds. Honestly if we are out at coffee group and someone else pulls out food for their child - she races over for some too!! It can be embarrassing (but also funny)

She seems to have settled down a bit over the last couple of weeks and isn't eating as much - but still has a healthy appietite!! She is my little porker!! As someone else said - you just have to follow what they need, every baby is different!!

Hi Taz,my daughter selena is pretty much the same age as yourlittle one,she was born on the 4th sep.I think you are doing a great job,inleast he his eating all the food you give him instead of dealing with a fussy baby,my daughter loves all her food aswell,she started on solids when she was 3 months and a half,i dont think anything wrong with the amount you are giving him selena eats nearly the same amount,unless the doctor tells you something else,than keep feeding him the way you choose.people always say that my daughter looks big for her age,she is a little bit chubby i think but only round the belly area,but its not alot,its cute,when it comes to night time i wait till i see that she is tired ,rubbing her eyes for example then i change her put her pijamas on,feed her dinner then she has her milk in her cot,and falls asleep on her own,becuase bfore i was also haing that problem where i was putting on a strict time but then she would wake up in the middle of the night,becuase she wouldnt of gone to bed tired,or we would spend over an hour trying for her to fall asleep.but i guess thats how we learn,im a first time mum,and i love motherhood,hope i could help,good luck,from sandra and selena.

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I think the other thing you need to think about is how active he is too. My daughter (9 1/2 months) is very active (was crawling at 4 months and walking is in the near future - she can go from sitting to standing without holding on to anything). For a while I was worried that I was giving her too much food and wasn't willing to increase her food any further even though she'd stopped sleeping through the night. Then someone pointed out that for a baby her age she is really active and so would be burning off a lot of what she ate everyday.

Now she eats 2 weetbix + 4 icecubes of apple for breakfast, lunch is 5 icecubes of potato, 2 of corn, 2 of beans, 1 of carrot, 3 of chicken and 4 of apple. Dinner is 6 icecubes of rice, 4 of beef, 2 of corn, 2 of peas, 1 of pumpkin, 1 of sweet potato and 4 of apple. Plus 3 breastfeeds a day and breadsticks and other fruit etc as finger food for snacks. (I think the icecubes are about 1 tablespoon each but don't quote me). The great thing is she's almost back to sleeping through again (just a cold that's stopping us atm I think). The mums at my mother's group often comment that she eats more at lunch than their kids do in a day but hey, she's happy, she sleeping better and she's active.

I think that, so long as your bub is happy you're doing the right thing by him. Remember you're his mum - you know him best.
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