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Food Ideas for a 6mth old??? Lock Rss

I have no idea what sorts of foods to feed my son, he is 6 months old. He is not a big fan of vegetables, but i try to give them to him as often as i can, he loves custards & jelly & flavoured farex, hes had banana and a/root biscuits & this morning my boyfriend gave him a pancake, i was so scared that he would choke, but he cried when i took it off him so i gave it back & just made my bf watch him with it. I don't know what foods he can handle, he has no teeth yet, but you all seem to be giving your children things that i didn't think he would be able to eat. Can he have toast & my meals at his age, how well do you have to cut it up, most of his foods i still use the blender on. Any suggestions would be great gasp)

Mother of Reece - 24/01/03


This is my first time on line and I am finding it very interesting reading as well as feeling a little more secure in knowing that there are others who have the same questions as I do!
I purchased a book "Annabel Karmel's New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner" following a recommendation from a friend. It has over 200 healthy recipes and provides meal planners in groupings for four to six months, six to nine, nine to twelve and toddlers.
Hannah is my first and she seems to like cauliflower cheese. This can be mixed with other steamed vegies to try for the first time as it lessens the new taste. I know this sounds odd but natural yoghurt, banana and avocado. To start with mash the avo slices (2 or 3) and banana slices (3 or 4) with a tablespoon of yoghurt. It seems to go down well!!
Hope this helps.

Karen, SA, 9mth baby

I just bought that book and spent the weekend cooking up some of the recipes - its a good book to give ideas about what you can mix together and use in your cooking. Like Hannah, my son Reece likes the cauliflower cheese, the yoghurt banana and avocado also the banana and kiwi fruit. He wasn't keen on the sweet potato puree (with the OJ and milk) though. I've also given him weetbix for brekkie - he wasn't keen at first but I put a bit of yoghurt in with it and he loves it.
Hi T. Hannah didn't like the sweet potato puree either!!!!
She is 10 months now and eats the spaghetti mince sauce that I make for us Adults to eat! It is quite spicy but she loves it.
I have only just given Hannah formula after breast feeding and am not really sure what else to give her. I am keen on natural drinks. Any ideas?

Karen, SA 10 month old

Karen, SA, 9mth baby

My son Ethan is almost 6 months old (10th) and I only started him on solids a couple of weeks ago.... Im following a guide that my health nurse gave me where you only give them vegetables and fruit now and at 7 months you can start meat.... Was wondering if everyone gives the first taste of food by themselves and waits a couple of days as Im finding that it is taking me ages to get through the list and want to make him something that is more like a meal rather that a vegie pureed???? I have given pumpkin,potato,parsnip,zuchini,sweet potato,banana and carrot which have all gone down well without a hitch..... As alot of other people I am scared to feed him things in case they cause a reaction??? I found some good recipies on this website have you seen them???


Hi Lisa, I live in Newcastle too. Your baby must have been born around the same time as my daughter. ........ email me if u want to chat.... [email protected] and add me to ur messenger. Or [email protected]

Linda, NSW, mum of Olivia (b) 03.01.03

Hi Sam, I'm Natalie
My son Joshua did'nt sleep at night and kept waking for milk 3-4 times at night. I started him solids at 5mnths. Having done that he sleeps right thru the night without waking 7pm-7am. I kept him on vegies only for the first month as I am totally aware of their immature digestive systems at this age. I was'nt so concerned with allergies as the family had no history. Now Joshua who is 7mnths on the 20th enjoys a wide range of food. He has chopped meats i.e. beef/lamb/chicken/fish. I introduced Josh to rice by adding yoghurt and fruit, while he noticed the texture difference he did'nt notice the blan taste of the rice. Same with pasta. I add chicken, peas, carrot or just plain cheese. I believe the art to solids is to try very little quantities of food on the spoon so the child is'nt having to deal with too much in his mouth. Know what to do if the child does choke, (this way you won't be scared to introduce new textured foods) and never leave them alone while they are eating. Also let them play with the food.

Natalie, NSW

I agree with buying baby food books with recipes in them. They will also educate you on what to give and when. You can usually borrow these from the library as well.

I cook up big batches and freeze them and also buy frozen baby food from Woolies as a top up.

I don't believe in the tinned food as it is filled with crap. There is a lot of food you can give that is not required tobe cooked as well. Hope this helps.

Tanya,QLD, 5yr, 3yr, 6mth

Frozen baby food? Has anyone seen them in W.A?

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

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