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Help! 8 month old doesn't like solids anymore. Lock Rss

Megan is nearly 8 months old and is on 3 solids meals a day. We started solids just before 6 months of age. She copes well with soft lumps.

But she has been so fussy lately, even with foods that she use to love. She likes yoghurt, but it makes her throw up and brings out her rash so I can't give it to her much. She still doesn't like avocado or banana. She doesn't like cottage cheese. She tolerates beef or chicken mince now and I think she liked the pasta I gave her yesterday (with pumpkin "sauce"). She's decided she doesn't like baby cereal or weetbix anymore. Aaarrrggghhh!!! She still likes vegies though, thank goodness.

How can I get her to enjoy her solids again? She seems more interested in playing with the food and blowing raspberries (which is fine, but doesn't get the food down!)

WA, daughters born May 2005 and June 2007

How have you been going Carra? Has Megan decided she is into solids again?

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

My 7month old is going through a similar thing. I have found much success (especially with the warmer weather) in bribing her with little ice chips. She will happily open her mouth for an ice chip,which goves me ample opportunity to sneek in the odd spoonful of food. She is not particularly happy about my cunningness when she realises she's got a mouthful of food instead of ice, but we manage to get through a meal without tears (from either of us!!) One meal will usually take 3 ice cubes. As for avocado, my little angel didn't like it by itsself either, so a friend suggested I blend it with some stewed apple. She eats it now almost everyday for lunch and cries when the bowl is empty!!!

Qld, mum to Madison, born 25/5/05

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