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Lunch ideas for 10 month old Lock Rss

Hi Mums,
My DS has homemade stewed fruit with a tub of baby yogurt for lunch every day. Just wondering what other babies of this age are eating for lunch? I think my DS is getting a little bit bored with the same thing every day but I'm not sure what else to give him.

Hi, i have a heap of frozen meals for lunch or dinner in the freezer for DS and have had since he was about 6-7months. He has some sort of soup, savoury mince, or whatever else i have in the freezer - have had apricot chick and veg., corned beef with veg and white sauce, pot roast beef with veg and gravy. Pretty much leftovers from dinners that i have gotten around to freezing for him.

My 9 month olds have homemade fruit with either custard or yoghurt also..
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my DD 9mths has vegemite toast and soup for lunch. Sometimes lasagne or risotto (leftovers from our dinner just mashed). For dinner then she has vege. I usually use custards, yogurt and fruit for "dessert". For breakfast we have prrodige or weetbix with banana.

DD eats sandwiches and cruskits for lunch

DD - 27/08/07 DS - 5/01/10

Kai has some cut up fruit like pear, banana or strawberries with some cheese chunks and mini sandwiches with avocado or vegemite or something also loves feeding himself cooled pasta spirals. Occasionally he will have left overs from our dinner but I mainly save those for his dinner ie; spaghetti bolognaise, lamb chops & veg.

I tried feeding him a sandwhich for lunch today but he wasn't interested. Maybe because he has no molars yet? (although I've read that they can still chew well with just their gums).

They take some time to realise what "finger food" is. I started with putting the toast to her mouth to eat and now she would rather do it herself. Although make sure you always watch them when they are feeding themselves as my DD tends to just stuff it all in.

Not having molars wont make a difference. They can chews heaps with just their gums.

Avocado mashed with tuna. Yummo, and great for me in sandwiches!


Hey there.. Is always nice to get ideas from other people..
My wee girl has a variety.. but a few not so common variations are.. (Especially for getting the finger food going - what we're workin on at the moment)

Cottage cheese and grated apple (Cott cheese great source of protein)
Fruit Toast
Cheese on toast
Cruskets with pate (good source of iron)
Fresh fruit salad
Dried apricots

Hope this helps you - Variety is the spice of life!! Lol
And good luck smile
My LO is also 10 months and the health nurse suggested baked beans. He loves them! he will spit them out and mash them between his fingers a lot but it all goes in eventually. I usually buy the really small cans that are salt reduced.

I also do the avocado and vegemite sandwiches or ricotta and vegemite (yes he loves that too). I also buy the little tubs of yoghurt and custard, which are really handy for day care. Yesterday he was a bit of a piglet and day care said he ate his whole banana, sandwhich and tub of yoghurt for lunch! Bits of cheese are also really good if you're starting your LO on dairy.


DS is 9 months and I usually do finger foods for lunch:
sandwiches/toast (marmite,cheese,nutella,peanut butter,jam,avo,banana etc etc.)
dried or fresh fruit pieces
cooked veges pieces
cooked pasta
cheese pieces
I usually use the leftovers or meat/vege combos for dinner and give yoghurt/custard/fruit for dessert.

Jackson 28.10.07 and Madeleine 16.12.09

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