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Books on solids? Lock Rss

Dunno if this has been discussed previously but I am too tired to search through for it... sorry :} Does anyone know of good books on starting solids, ones with meal ideas and lists of what to start when? It's all so confusing and I am the sort of person who likes to have things written down infront of me tongue I just about need every fruit and vegetable listed for me or I worry I'll forget something.
Hi caroline
Ive found two books really helpful "Fresh food for babies & toddlers" by womens weekly you can get this at the news agents or "baby & Toddler meals" by Robin Barker i got this one from the bookshop, both of these go into detail of what they can & can't have & what ages to start & they also have some pretty good recipes. I hope this helps.

Renee, NSW, (Annie 10/5/05)

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