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Lactose free baby yoghurt? Lock Rss

Hi all,

Does anyone know if there is a lactose free baby yoghurt out there. My little boy who is 7 1/2 months old is lactose intolerant and cannot have the normal baby yoghurt (he was having the wiggles baby yoghurt) which he does like, but just doesn't agree with him.

Any suggestions would be great.


Mum to toddler

Hi Sam,
If you speak to either your local health food shop or try an organic food shop, they'd should be able to point you in the right direction.

I give my 8 month old son "Jalna wholemilk bio dynamic yogourt" which i sometimes add fruit to, to vary the taste and bubby seems to love it.....I don't mind it myself. (you buy it from coles etc.)
Cheers! Lynette.
Hello sammie, Yes you can get lactose free yoghurt in the cold sections with the other yoghurts in the shops. You can also get soy yoghurt (in the supermarkets as well) and goats milk yoghurt (healthfood shops). I hope this helps.
Hello again I forgot to mention you can get soy custard in the cold section of your super market it is with all the other pre maid custards. But we are only able to find it at Coles. It is very nice and my son loves it. There is also So Good in the ice cream section which is yummy. It is made from soy. I also found cream cheese made from soy in the cold food/health food section at Coles. I havent tried that one yet. My son is dairy intolerant not just lactose. Good luck!
Hi Janeen,

Thanks for your reply. What is the benefit of goats milk yoghurt?

Mum to toddler

Hello, Goats milk provides much of the same as cows but it is not as harsh which means a lot of the reactions people get from cows milk they dont get from goats. It has a different protein and fat structure to cows milk and therefore easily digested. Goats milk is suggested for anyone with allergies and things like asthma as it does not produce as much mucus. The ingredients on the container we have in the fridge list live lactobacillus, acidophilus, bifidobacteria and S.Thermophilus cultures all the things you find in most yoghurts. However someone people can be allergic to goats milk as well as cows so if you are not sure you might like to check with your Dr to see if it would be OK to try the goats. I am not sure why the two are different as cows have 4 stomachs so you would think anything they produce would be pretty much broken down?? Oh I have sent another post earlier but it still hasnt been cleared so if this goes straight through, there will be another from this morning. Good Luck.
Hi Janeen,

Thanks again, you have been a great help.


Mum to toddler

Hi Sammie

Along with all the things Janeen said about goats milk, apparently it is the closest milk to human breastmilk and that's why it's easier to digest as the proteins in both milks are similar.

Hi all,

Thanks again for your replies. I have also found out that babies who are lactose intolerant generally have a problem digesting milk protein not just lactose. Hope this helps other mums with babies who are similar to my boy.

Thanks again.


Mum to toddler

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