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Is Nutri-grain okay for a 10 month old? Lock Rss

My baby boy is almost 11 months and for about the past 2 months I've been giving him Nutri-grain for breakfast most mornings. He doesn't seem keen on the baby cereals or weet-bix, even mixed with fruit (he hardly eats anything from a spoon...just wants to feed himself food straight from the high chair tray). So I soak the Nutri-grains in milk for a few minutes till they're a bit soggy, then spread them out on the high chair tray and he scoffs them down.
When I told my mum about this, she seemed horrified and said that Nutri-grain is full of sugar and is certainly not suitable for a baby his age. She thinks he'll end up fat and with rotten teeth I think!! What do others think?
Hi Michelle

Nutri grain does have a lot of sugar in it, personally I wouldn't give it to my son, but it's really up to you what you feed him. Will your son eat toast? That's another way to get him to have some grains, you can spread some baby gel on it which is nice and sweet without added sugar. I think if you brush their teeth soon after they've had sugary foods it reduces the risk of cavities. I guess it's like anything - everything in moderation.

All the best
Hi Michelle
I had similar problems with my little boy, when I checked with Plunket, my nurse suggested honey puffs as an alternative. Apparently they are lower in sugar than cornflakes, nutrigrain etc!
The other thing we use is marmite toast so he gets some variety. At 10 months he disolved it more than ate it, but it still got consumed!

Good luck

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Thanks Jas and Rachelle for your replies. I think I will cut back on the Nutri-grain intake for Luke as I don't want him to have too much sugar at his age. I'll still let him have it sometimes because he really seems to enjoy it. I do give him toast and have tried a variety of spreads but he just seems to suck it and play with it. It doesn't seem like much of it ends up in his tummy. I've never thought to spread the baby gel on toast...that's a great idea Jas which I will try soon!!
Any other 'finger food for breakfast' suggestions would be appreciated.
Hi Michelle

My son also loves pear cut into wedges, I usually give him some after he has his cereal and he eats it skin and all, he also loves banana.

Hope this helps
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