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Finger Food Lock Rss

Hi All. Just wondering when other Mums & Dads have started their bubs on finger food and what kind of finger foods to start with. My boy is nearly eight months old, and so far has only had mashed or pureed food. I'm just not sure when to start and what the signs to look for that will tell me he is ready for finger food. Would appreciate any hints and tips! THanks.
Hi there!

I started giving my dd rusks from about 5mths old.

Has your son started putting everything in his mouth yet? Might be worth giving it a go.

I slowly introduced bread by breaking off tiny pieces and putting them in her mouth to get the feel of it. Then slowly give them a small piece of toast.

Also we give her some of the pizza base when we order pizza.

Steaming zucchini and other vegetables is also good finger food, nice and mushy.

Hi mummies,

Banana is another good one. I just break it into smaller pieces, mainly to save mess. My 10 month old son loves to finish off his sisters crusts, he LOVES vegemite! I also freeze yoghurt, then break it into smaller pieces for him to suck and chew on.



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