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12 m/old gagging on lumpy foods Lock Rss

Does anyone else have a problem with oral sensitivity? When I first started solids my little one was happy to give it a go. Pureed foods went down well, unless the spoon hit the back of her mouth or she got too much in her mouth, then she would gag. I am still breastfeeding and she loves it.

I tried to move into the lumpier food groups and thicker purees, but she would just gag and vomit. Sometimes she is happy to eat, other times she just won't. I let her play with her food so she will have a happy experience. I try not to force her.

We have got herto drink straight from a water bottle and she enjoys that. It also looked like it helped improve with the eating as she gags a little less. But she still gags. I saw a small piece of apple on the back of the tongue, not too far down that she had bitten off, small enough to swallow, but she just gagged on it.

I dont know what to do to get her eating more lumpier and solid foods without gagging. Does anyone have any suggestions?
How does she go with finger food?

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

She enjoys finger foods, but if she bites a bit off like the apple I mentioned and it hits the back of her tongue, she tends to gag. If she doesn't get it out or if I don't she tends to vomit.

Some things seem to get down, it does seem to get better as she gets older. Breast is her main food source and I just don't know what would happen if I couldn't breastfeed her for some reason and or if she weans herself. I worry that she won't get enough food.

Don't worry, she won't starve herself. You are right not to force her, this can make the issue much worse and can actually lead to issues with food in general.

Gagging is their way of learning. Alex gags quite a bit on some things, but he can usually get them out himself. He's not upset by it usually and then will happily take more. LOL I tend to find if he wants a drink, the gagging is worse so it could be that it is just not wet enough to slide down the throat. Maybe try soaking apple for example in a bowl of water before offering it to her.

Have a look here, it might give you some ideas.


Sounds like my DD. She 4 yr old already but she's been that way for a long time. Even sometimes now when she has too big a mouth full she gags and vomits. Or when meat are too tough she takes a long time to chew it down. I weaned her off BM gradually to formula milk when she was 12mth. By the time she reached 14 mths she was completely off BM and fully formula milk. She managed to get enough food with all the gaggings. Although her weight is on the slimmer side, she's active and healthy.

You have nothing to worry, some kids take a longer time to get the chewing and swallowing action going right.
ethen is 20mths old. he doesn't DOOO lumpy or chunky.
still on pureed food or finger food.
won't eat meat.

plunket advised me that many reflux babies have these texture issues, so i looked it up and it seems so! talked to some of my friends and family that had reflux babies also (kids now at school) and their kids still gagging and vomiting on lumps.

i am less stressed about it now (resigned myself to it!!). we still give him toddler formula and florix to make sure he is getting essential vitamins & minerals etc.

Last month i took my DD to the nurse because she kept on choking on everything...i was told to give her lots of finger foods so that she gets used to chewing etc... A month later she can eat lumps and chews them and doesn't gag at all.. So just continue to give her finger food and she'll get the hang of it.
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