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A good cup for milk? Lock Rss

My boy turns one in a few weeks and I will be starting him on cow's milk. At this time I would like to try and stop using bottles and get him to drink all his milk from a cup (I don't like my chances!!!) He currenly has a cup that he drinks water from, but I'd like to buy him a special cup that he will always only have milk out of. The problem is that the spill-proof cups seem quite hard to suck and get anything out of. On the other hand, cups that aren't spillproof and just have little holes in the spout flow much too quickly and the liquid goes everywhere.
I'd still like him to be able to lay back, relax and have a lovely drink of warm milk as he does with his bottle. Can anyone suggest a good, suitable cup for milk? I don't mind if it's a bit pricey because it's going to be his special milk cup!
I really like the Pigeon Mag-Mag with this weird top. It's sort of like a spout or a pourer and to stop it spilling you twist the top. I got it at the Amcal pharmecy for $9.95 and you can just buy the lid too. It says for 10 and 1/2 months plus on the packaging and has a little green frog on the cup. I hope this helps I know it's a bad description but if you see it you'll know what I mean.
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