Hi all,
Was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions... my 10month old daughter Ella is proving to be way too fussy with her food. if i give her chopped up pieces of fruit, lumps of mince, pieces of cheese or even lumps of vegies as finger foods she'll fiddle around with it and feed it to herself but if i try and feed her anything slightly lumpy or with a slightly different taste to what she's used too of a spoon she spits it straight back out and wont have a bar of it.... the thing is with the finger food i dont know that she's actually managing to get much of it into her tummy so i'd really like her to eat some food from a spoon too...

She does exactly the same thing weather i try with home made stuff or stuff from a jar.... Anyone got any suggestions, she's really driving me nuts with this, i waste so much food throwing it out because she refuses to eat it.