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Is introducing meat at 3.5 months OK? Lock Rss

I have been feeding my baby at 3.5 months and almost started her on meat and vegies straight away (pureed of course). She is now 5.5 months and am starting to wonder if I have done the right thing starting her on meat so early? I have been reading on earlier posts and it seems like I shouldn't have introduced meat so early.

Should I stop feeding her meat for now or just continue on what I've been doing?


nsw, baby girl 15/11/03

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i think they rekomed that you dont start meat until 6 months but as you have noticed no reactions then everything is fine. the only reason they proribly suggest 6 months is thats when the digestive system is ready for breaking down meat.
i wouldnt worry now, just keep on doing what ur doing!!!

i bet ur little one is big and strong!!

Cheryl,SA,Danika born 24.10.03 Matthew born 5.3.05

My daughter started pureed meat and vegies at the same time and she is fine. The main thing with solids is starting something new is introducing it and it only for a couple of days to ensure your baby is not allergic. If there have been no problems so far your baby will be fine. Just make sure your baby is getting enough iron(for energy)

Baby: Jessika

The World Health Organisation recommends that you don't introduce solids until at least 4 months & 6 months for breastfed bubs. I think the main reason for this is the fact that their little digestive systems aren't ready to cope with solids until then. Your baby will be getting enough iron from either the breast milk or formula. Personally, I wouldn't give my baby meat until she was at least 6 months. I recommend that you contact your health clinic to get the correct info.

Mummy of 2 little angels. 6/6/03 & 3/8/05 & No 3

meat is one of the hardest foods to digest, in particular for a brand new little baby who is only six months old. I know many others would not agree, but, i wouldn't introduce meat till baby is at least two. I have a fifteen month old girl, and, half of the fruit & vegs that she eats now still comes out the other end looking the same as it did when she ate it! If she can't even digest peas and corn, how well would she digest meat? Even if it is minced well, it is still difficult on her digestive system.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

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